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22 October 2009 @ 09:36 pm
Taking the day off from work at the last minute lends a relaxed feeling that is rarely otherwise felt. It began with waking at three o'clock in the morning. Trying all the tricks in the book to get back to sleep was a worthless endeavour. Wide eyed, I sent a text to the other side of the world to express my early morning woe. Exclamatory surprise was sent back to me. At four o'clock I found myself slipping into the pyjama bottoms that were rumpled on the floor.

Once up, my eyes were now focussed on the water heating in the kettle. I pay extra attention not to let it boil. I relaxed by sitting down with a cup of tea while on Skype talking to Chun-shu. I was writing a shopping list of winter clothes for her to get me before my holiday in January. All this time, I wasn't thinking about why I was up before the sun had risen.

A small break came while she went home from work. I went and stood in the shower for longer than I realised. My clothes were bathed in the morning sunlight when I came out of the bathroom to get dressed. It would have been nice to see the sun rise but my tired mind hadn't thought about the opportunity until it was too late.

By the time eleven o'clock came, I felt my day should involve more than sitting in my living room. Not that talking on Skype all morning was an unwanted option. We could have spent many more hours explaining the world to each other. But after going through the effort to lie on the telephone as to why I wasn't at work, sitting at home all day would have been pointless. We agreed, ended the call, and I started to let blood recirculate in my legs.

My outfit was nothing special. Most of my clothes were still drying on the balcony so my choices were limited. Stepping outside blinded me with a crystal clear view of the northern Daegu mountains which are visible from my apartment on the 15th floor in the far south-eastern border of the city. Usually there is a fine haze obscuring anyone's vision. My plans while outside were uncertain. I wasn't really thinking of what I could be doing either. I knew I would end up somewhere.

By three o'clock in the afternoon, I had eaten a reasonable Korean lunch and was now in the second café of the day. The first was a quaint little tea shop that only has three tables and is run by somebody who you can't help but adore. The second location was a coffee shop. At both of these places I was sitting and reading. One thing that I will miss about Korea is the refill service. At many places, when you buy a coffee, you're actually getting two coffees. It's the same with the tea shop. It's these simple luxuries that will stay in my mind.

It's now nine o'clock and the time that has slipped by since coming home feels missing. I honestly can't recollect what has happened. Was my day worth while? I believe so. It has left me with a blissful mood that was missing earlier in the week.

small smatterings
» Reading fiction again
» Happy it's almost winter
» Buying everything I want but sending it elsewhere
» Going to a festival this weekend
» Going on a two week holiday in January
» Simplifying weekends to tea, brunch, coffee, dinner

larger smatterings
» Worried about my blood pressure at work
» Living in a strange but healthy relationship
» Taking half my stuff on holiday and leaving it there
» Planning around opportunity
» Enjoying my idle time
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05 October 2009 @ 07:46 pm

I got my hands on one of the new(ish) 50.000 won notes. I use it as a bookmark to show my wealth as a foreigner. No. Not really.

Last week, I was finishing work at lunch time and wasn't teaching any classes. I just spent each day on Skype having audio conversations for four hours. Following that was a long national weekend where nothing really closed. I started a wonderful routine where I'd grab my book and my iPod, head to a coffee shop downtown, sit for many hours and generally overstay my welcome. It was a good routine while it lasted. But it's time to go back to real work now.

I hate teaching teenagers.

I could write an 800 word paper on phone-strap-dangly-things. But I don't particularly want to. I just want you to know I could.

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29 June 2009 @ 12:35 am
Planning to go to bed early is all well and good, unless you were drinking many glasses of caffeinated liquids whilst engaged in discussions about social anthropological topics earlier in the day.

Aloe drinks used to make me gag. Now I guzzle one litre bottles as if they contain a cure for those forgot-to-do-my-laundry blues.

From looking around, I can very much tell that I haven't cleaned since she left two Fridays ago. During the journey from home to her point of departure, I knowingly decided to forget about the impending domestic hands and knees style clean up that this little apartment would unquestionably deserve upon my return. I should probably clean away the forest of long and piercingly dark hair that she left behind which clearly aren't any of my luxuriously conditioned strands.

The heat in this country's summer feels more intense than I imagined it would. My thinker thought that it's probably because of the fairly extreme low temperatures experienced during the winter months. Unfortunately my thinker doesn't think to remind me to buy more summer clothes.

While we're still on the subject of heat, allow me to mention my hatred for living in a basin surrounded by mountains. Many days are blanketed by clouds that trap the heat in. I do believe that the clouds in this country are ... aware.

Work stress has brought me to an almost serene state of I-don't-care-ed-ness. And you know what? It feels good. But it's the sort of good feeling an evil person with a goatee experiences. I'd prefer to have the happiness derived from being the humble hero with a beard.

To be continued (with less hyphenations).

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23 June 2009 @ 11:18 am
Last night I found myself drinking cocktails in a dark but quaintly cosy establishment. The name of the bar loosely translates to 'Flower House'. The little bit of light inside comes from the bar itself which is much like a studio light table - except with flowers encased in an extra layer of glass above the light source. I sat at the bar with a friend. We spoke of our troubles, our fun and women (the latter being the primary cause of the previous two). I had only slept for an hour and a half the night before. I was deathly tired after three cocktails and I shouldn't have been drinking on a school night in the first place. But sometimes a drink is needed.

During the consumption of drinks and between conversation with my friend, I listened to the bar staff talk to us and each other. I'm faster at working out conversation in another language these days. Apparently some woman threw her son out of a 24 story window during an argument. That was a surprising story.

I drank a drink called Catharsis. It failed to make me Cathartic.

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15 May 2009 @ 10:46 am
Sports day was a lot of fun.
I sat around in the sun whilst being fed all day by parents and students.

Sports day.
Separating the strong from the weak.
Good times.

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06 May 2009 @ 11:47 am
You go to a café with somebody.
They ask you what you want to drink.
They suggest you get a coffee.
You agree.
The drinks come.
You get your coffee and they are served a beer.

Is it rude to order a beer without informing the other person?

Yes, it is rude.
It's perfectly fine.
24 April 2009 @ 12:06 pm
The concert I went to on Tuesday night was fantastic. It also seems to be one of the most under-photographed events in this country ever. I didn't see anybody with a camera on the second floor. After trolling through blogs for the past few days, I've barely managed to find 1 (good) picture and it isn't even of the performance.

Stolen from: http://tong.nate.com/aprilangel/48924917

요조 (Yozoh) and 짙은 (Zitten) were both great. Each of them had an hour on stage and then they performed together for two songs at the end of the show.

Since I was in Seoul, I crashed at Anna's gaff and slept in on Wednesday morning. It was good to spend time together again, even as brief as it was. I left after lunch + coffee and made my way back to Daegu. Those 24 hours cost a lot. 34,000 won (for the train each way) + 44,000 won for the concert ticket = 112,000 won. But it was good fun, and therefore, completely worth it.

The entire week has been breeze.
Going out for wine tonight.
I think it should be the perfect end to the 'working' week.

Also: I'm old and dumb and young and wise.

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20 April 2009 @ 07:44 am
I went to Busan for a day trip on Saturday. Suddenly being able to see a beach made me realise that I actually miss that coastal atmosphere I took for granted my entire life. Going for a walk along the beach made me remember, just a little, what Perth feels like. I also went for a wander through the art gallery there. It was large and mostly empty which made our giggles much louder when we were doing stupid things. Mila, my guide, got us lost at first but ended up showing me a really nice day.

Last week sucked for a multitude of reasons.
This week should be much better.

I'm taking some time off from work on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday to travel to Seoul. Partly to see Sehee and Anna. The other part is to see Yozoh because I missed her gig here in Daegu. It will be fun to get out of the city mid-week.

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26 March 2009 @ 10:31 am

She's still pretty high on my list of wants.

23 March 2009 @ 09:31 am
» Gorgeous mornings. Thanks, Spring.
» Found somebody to give me real speaking practice.
» My neighbour's baby cries. A lot. At night.
» Doing the Zombie Shuffle each day.
» Watching time fly by.
» Watching skirts get higher. Thanks again, Spring.

» Hatred for teenagers is part of my job.
» Sending them out of class works.
» Or picking them up and actually throwing them out.
» Hitting them on the head with a book works too.
» I'd be probably be fired if I did that In Australia.
» I centre myself by watching Perry Mason when I don't have class.

» Many burgers.
» Much pizza.
» Tonnes of tacos.

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